Sip through ALL the Seasons with Beers for the Ever-Changing Weather

Feb 01, 2024

If you’ve checked the weather for this weekend, you’re well aware that we’ve entered “What the f^&# do I wear?!” season. Last week, we were layered up in long underwear; this week, the sun is shining and we’ll be pushing 70 degrees. When the weather’s wacky, simple things like planning your outfit - or figuring out what to drink - require a little more forethought. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you! We’ve picked out the perfect pairings for those days when all four seasons find their way into the forecast.

Hudson Valley Graven Image: $26.99/4pk 

Among the most unique beers we’ve tried lately, Graven Image is a Sour Double IPA with milk sugar, jasmine, green tea, lime purée, and Motueka hops. Motueka, a New Zealand hop known for tropical citrus flavors, dances with the lime purée, achieving a lively tartness that’ll get your day started on a bright note. Earthy, pithy jasmine and green tea flavors add complexity, making this brew a memorable, delightful tasting experience. 

Wild Leap Alpha Abstraction Volume 26: $13.99/6pk

The latest volume of Alpha Abstraction is perfect for a sunny, unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon. Alora is this version’s featured hop; it contains a unique oil found in yuzu and mandarin fruit and imparts flavors of juicy peach, tangy lemon, and sweet melon. Crack one open and find out why Wild Leap just won Beer Connoisseur 2023 Brewery of the Year!

Save the Date: We’re pumped to feature WILD LEAP as our February Fizz Ed guest lecturer! Classes will be in session Tuesday, February 20 at our Fayetteville location and Wednesday, February 21 at our West End location.

Abita Mardi Gras Bock: $9.99/6pk

Mardi Gras Bock is specially brewed just for this time of year, and we’re definitely feeling ready to kick off Fat Tuesday festivities. The combination of pale, pilsner, and caramel malts along with German Perle hops lend this brew rich malt flavor and a full body - without rendering it too heavy or out of balance. It’s a solid food beer as well, so pair it with dinner and don your sweater as the sun sets on your warm weekend afternoon.

Burial Lightgrinder: $14.99/4pk

Burial is equally famous for world-class beer and for intriguing packaging with labels that read more like candlelit philosophical musings than beverage descriptions. If we worked at Burial, we’d say something like, “Frivolity and warmth have abandoned you; the setting sun has left you cold and lost in the pretense of what we once thought was true. You’ve nothing left but to prepare your soul for the long wait for that which will return from the void.” Translation: this lovely, warm day has turned into a chilly evening and it’s time for a perfect porter packed with notes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate coated orange zest, gooey caramel clusters. Cheers!

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