The 12-Pack Playbook for February's Festivities

Feb 08, 2024

Between the Lunar New Year, the Super Bowl, Fat Tuesday, and Valentine’s Day, we’re coming up on a stretch of great reasons to enjoy even better beverages. It’s a veritable Carnival of Love, Fortune, and Football! With so much going on, we’re thinking it’s the perfect week to talk about everyone’s favorite format for festive occasions: the 12 pack. Excellent options abound, whether you’re looking for budget-friendly brews or a variety of highly-rated hops. Read on and learn all about what we’ll be bringing to the party this weekend!

Narragansett 12pk $13.99

Hi Neighbor, have a ‘Gansett! This easy drinking lager is a longtime staff and customer favorite and is always on the draft lineup at our Atlanta locations. Founded in 1890, the brewery is the oldest in New England, and is the beloved hometown beer of Hop City Retail Operations Director Jared Butler, who hails from Providence, RI.

Outlaw Mile Hi Light Beer 12pk $10.99

Produced by Denver’s Tivoli Brewery, which dates back to 1882, Outlaw is a standard-bearer light lager that perfectly bridges crushability and affordability. If you’re looking for beer that tastes like beer at a can’t-beat price per ounce, go ahead and add a pack to your cart today.

Three Taverns Adventure Pack Variety 12pk $22.99

Does the idea of 12 cans of the exact same beer seem a little boring to you? Feeling the need to mix it up? Great! We love a good variety 12 pack, and we think Three Taverns’ Adventure Pack checks all the boxes. It’s an especially great option if you’re in a sharing mood: With 3 cans of each of the brewery’s most popular beers, there’s a little something for everyone!

Monday Night Case of the Mondays IPA Variety 12pk $19.99
Creature Comforts Curiously Hoppy IPA Variety 12pk $24.99

We love that more breweries are offering IPA-only variety packs, and we love when those variety packs include limited offerings. Currently, in Monday Night’s IPA variety you can find Royal Raptor, a delicious, audacious 9% imperial IPA. Creature Comfort’s pack contains Cosmik Debris, which used to be available year-round but is now in the brewery's limited rotating imperial IPA series. In either case, you’re guaranteed to go home with a dozen cans of some of the most delicious Georgia-brewed IPAs out there.

Best Day Brewing N/A Variety 12pk $23.99

Ever had a non-alcoholic Kölsch? We hadn’t before trying Best Day’s, and when we did we were sold. Their variety pack includes the Kölsch as well as Hazy and West Coast IPA options. This is the way to go if you’re still riding the Dry January high or are just looking to enjoy a well-made booze-free brew.


- Aslin Bringing Sexy Back
- Sycamore Mango Chronic

- Aslin Stating the Obvious

- Aslin How Now Brown Cow
- Line Creek Nietzsche's Nihilistic Tendencies
- Line Creek Bourbon Street Pecan Amber Ale

- La Chouffe N/A

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