Sours you may have missed when they first hit the shelves

Jan 06, 2023

Whew! Guilty admission..the fall and holiday seasons are certainly amazing but it sure feels refreshing to close them out and start the year fresh! Our crew has had a chance to pick our heads up and start tidying up the shelves, and boy, we've found some hidden gems you may have missed when they rolled through the first time! Our focus this week: Sours! Cans and bottles in stock that are definitely worthy of a shout out are highlighted below.

King Brewing: Mavericks Fros'e (7%) - $7.99 / 16 oz

Forget that it's January for a second. This fros'e is damn delicious. Raspberries, banana, vanilla ice cream, vanilla bean, coconut cream and coconut candy.

Drekker: Orange Banana Braaaaiiins (6.8%) - $13.99 / 2 pack

Another smoothie sour boasting a great combination of fresh fruits and just the right dose of vanilla. Orange, banana, sea salt, lactose, & vanilla beans.

Resident Culture: All Things Florida (5%) - $21.99 / 4 pack

What's orgeat? It's a cocktail syrup used in classic tiki drinks with a unique depth and complex sweetness and it's the secret weapon in this sour ale fruited with orange, mango and passionfruit.

Baa Baa Brewhouse: Smooth Ninja Vol 1 & 2 - $15.99 / 2 pack

Volume 1 contains passion fruit, pineapple and dragon fruit, while Volume 2 is fruited with strawberry, pear and lime. Both are creamy, mildly tart and smooth like a creeping ninja.

Wicked Weed: Myrtille & Montmaretto (6.9%) - $13.99 / 16.9 oz

These wild ales were both aged in neutral wine barrels and secondarily fermented on pounds and pounds of fruit. North Carolina grown blueberries were used to produce Myrtille, while tart Montmarency cherries and almonds give Montmaretto it's distinctive flavor.

Alesong: Terroir Chardonnay (7.2%) - $18.99 / 750 mL

Being a brewery located on a highway surrounded by vineyards, it's not surprising that Alesong dabbles in beer and wine hybrids. Their results are fantastic. Try the golden-colored Terroir Chardonnay with hints of peach, honey and tropical fruit or anything else from Alesong we happen to have in stock- we're pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

Barrique: All of 'em! - $16.99 / 500 mL

Hop City el jefe, Kraig, refers to Barrique Brewing as 'the Cascade of the Southeast’. This Nashville based outfit specializes in open fermented fruited sours and we're big fans of their beer, so much so that we have 8 different varieties currently on the shelf at Krog waiting for you to try.

All sours mentioned above can be found at Krog; West End has everything but the Wicked Weed and Resident Culture sours. Fayetteville has Mavericks Fros'e, Alesong and Barrique Bassique in stock.



  • Newgrass: Droppin Hammer (8%)

  • Newgrass: Banana Bandana (8%)
  • Newgrass: Orb Wielder (8%)
  • Newgrass: Space Trash Bin #4 (6%)

  • Newgrass: Parting Glass (5.4%)
  • Perennial: Abraxas (11.5%)
  • Perennial: Salted Chocolate Abraxas (11.5%)

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