Top-Rated Imperial Stouts To Get You Through The Deep Freeze

Jan 18, 2024

For some, stouts are meant to be enjoyed during the colder months. For others, it’s always stout season - rain or shine, fair or frigid. Whichever side you’re on, we have great news! This week, we’re releasing the perfect set of top-rated imperial stouts to get you through this deep freeze.

Perennial Abraxas $26.99/750 mL (4.41 Untappd)

A perennial favorite, it’s safe to say Abraxas sets the standard for pastry stout excellence. This beast of a beer is brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks - unique ingredients intended to challenge and excite the palate. Warming spice, robust chocolate notes, and a delicious lingering roastiness combine in a symphony of sumptuous decadence. 

Pro tip: One reason we love Abraxas is its versatility: crack a bottle open now or stow one away in your cellar. We definitely recommend Abraxas vertical tastings, or trying different annual releases side-by-side. It’s fascinating to see how the beer’s signature intense flavors change over time.

Perennial Vanilla Bean Abraxas $29.99/750 mL (4.3 Untappd)

This Abraxas variant is made with four times the amount of high quality vanilla bean as the original version. The result is well-integrated and way more balanced than you might imagine. Much like the original Abraxas, chili spice, bittersweet chocolate, and vanilla’s subtle signature combination of sweet, creamy, floral notes are harmoniously well-composed. As the beer warms in your glass, the heat gently intensifies, and more pronounced vanilla flavors come to the fore. 

Perennial / Prairie Bombraxas $29.99/750 mL (4.35 Untappd)

What happens when you combine the two of the most beloved spicy stouts in the market? Absolute mind blowing magic: a mouth watering mash-up between Abraxas and Prairie’s Bomb!, the beloved Oklahoma brewery’s flagship ancho chili imperial stout. Bombraxas blends elements of Perennial and Prairie stout bases, pumps up the adjunct ratios (the amount of added flavoring ingredients), and adds a dose of rich Sump Coffee espresso beans. 


This year’s January drops are over-delivering! We’ve got a collab from two of the most epic hop houses in the country, a fresh drop from a local heavy hitter, and lots more! 


  • Equilibrium / Trillium Star Light New England IPA
  • Equilibrium Can It All Be So Simple New England IPA 
  • Equilibrium Straight Outta Middletown TIPA
  • Fonta Flora BRRRRRR Cold IPA
  • Fonta Flora Jeremy’s Changed DIPA
  • Heavy Seas Impending Doom DIPA
  • Two Tides Citra and… Riwaka IPA 
  • Two Tides Vapour IPA
  • Yazoo Bullseye IPA


  • Two Tides The Light Between Helles Lager


  • Fonta Flora Brackish Oyster Stout
  • Perennial / Prairie Bombraxas
  • Perennial Abraxas
  • Perennial Vanilla Bean Abraxas

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