Alright, Final Four of Hazy IPA's, LET'S GO!

Mar 30, 2023

These Four Hazy IPA's Have Bested the Rest, Now Who's Gonna Take Home the Trophy?

As someone who tries a pretty varied and substantial amount of new beers regularly, I am generally of the opinion that it doesn't make a ton of sense to pit beers against each other, or give definitive rankings, but its March Madness baby, tis the season!

Who will take home the (proverbial) trophy in this hazy IPA showdown? Will it be one of the juggernauts of the style? Can an underdog topple the heavyweights? Will it be the Deep South Dynasty? The Unstoppable Midwest Force? Perhaps a cult-favorite dark horse upstart from Nashville? A wild card from the Sunshine State?

Haze analyst Jake is going to break down the cases each of these impressive beers have to take the victory over the others, then YOU can decide for yourself who takes the trophy! (Because it's not real.)

TOPPLING GOLIATH ELECTRIC DINO BOOGIE - It's a clear choice for a Toppling Goliath squad to be here in the big time. The pedigree is long and illustrious, and they show up time and time again ready to fight. And as usual, it's going to be hard to beat them. Vicious citrus offense is backed up by a solid backup bitterness and an airtight body. So bright and balanced.

SUN LAB HIT LIST - For being a modern hazy IPA with the potent aromatic hopping regimens and a full body, this unique offering from Miami based Sun Lab exemplifies some of that good old-fashioned, pick-and-roll, piney, orange-peel bitter hoppiness, and it can be devestatingly effective. It's a scrappy beer that can surprise you, and definitely worthy of the conversation for the crown.

LIVING WATERS HIGHGATE - This is a lean squad, with the lightest body of the bunch, but the aggressive hop punch goes pound for pound with any of them. Led by an impressive trio of hoppy forwards, melon, tropical fruit, and clementine, the bitter defense closes out games strong, making it hard for anyone else to score on them. An impressively focused IPA.

PARISH MURPHY - Fans of this dynasty would like you to believe the game was over before it even started. Parish has been nearly untouchable for a long time, and Murphy is hungry to prove that that has not changed. A big, silky, overpowering body commands your attention, while hoppy three pointers come raining from all over: pineapple, mango, stone fruit. They want this one.



  • Good People: Snake Handler - Legendary double IPA
  • Eat Beer: Sip Killer - Hazy double IPA
  • Sixpoint: Pineapple Resin - Hazy double IPA with pineapple
  • Edmunds Oast: Lost In The Forest - IPA with spruce tips
  • Edmunds Oast: Hop Country - New Zealand style cold pale ale
  • Sun Lab: Hit List - Hazy IPA with Simcoe, Amarillo and Chinook
  • Sloop: Riot Bomb - Hazy IPA with Mosaic cryo and Idaho 7


  • Sun Lab: Drinky Drinky - American sour ale with blackberry, Sicilian lemon, vanilla and milk sugar
  • Westbrook: Key Lime Pi - Sour ale with key lime pie flavors and 22 key lime pies for every 7 barrels of beer
  • Edmunds Oast: Sour Apricot Peach - American sour ale
  • Prairie: Island Squeeze - Sour ale with Papaya, strawberry, white peach, passionfruit, banana and vanilla
  • Destihl: Wild Sour Variety Pack - Includes 'Elima Hua, Dragonfruit Mango, Sour Seltzer Strawberry Lemonade and a WILD CARD sour ale


  • Westbrook: A Very Fine Lager - American lager
  • New Belgium: Atomic Citrus - Blood orange ale
  • Victory: Motel Paloma - Grapefruit summer ale
  • Sixpoint: BKLYN Sunny - Citrus lager
  • Destihl: Peach Wheat - American wheat ale with peach
  • Bell's: Oberon - Legendary American wheat ale in cans, bottles and twelve packs


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