Virginia Favorites Aslin are Here in a Big Way!

Apr 06, 2023

Aslin has garnered a huge presence in and around their home state of Virginia, and the liquid speaks for itself

Aslin is nothing if not modern. They focus on hazy IPA's and fruited sours, and their packaging is bold, artistic, and often humorous. But don't think they are just trend-chasers, or focused on aesthetics without substance. The liquid in these obliquely post-modern cans speaks for itself.

We're thrilled to have this first round of beers from them. They are CONSTANTLY pumping out new beer, so we hope to see more from them fairly regularly. Check out the goods that we've got right now!

There are a lot of fruited sours out there, but there is something to be said for stability and balance in the style. This blackberry, blueberry and vanilla sour exists in well worn territory, but the repeatable drinkability of this one truly stands out.

Sometimes it feels like "Mexican Lager" is a bit of a cop-out, an admission to the "beer that tastes like beer" crowd. But Aslin brewed a super-clean, hoppier-than-normal version of the style, and in doing so, made something that truly stands out.

Don't call it a light IPA. The ABV is low and the drinkability is high, but flavor is off the charts with this mildly hazy IPA. Sharp citrus and smooth tropical fruit highlight the clean, drinkable body, and just the right amount of bitterness highlights the clean, clean finish.

The bar is high with hazy IPA, and Aslin cleared it with flying colors. Laser Raptor hits all the notes damn-near perfectly: a moderately heavy and creamy body lifts up huge tropical and stone fruit notes, while a crisp through-line ends with a decent bitterness. Not to be missed by fans of haze.




  • Aslin: Clear Nights - West Coast IPA
  • Yellowhammer: Trampoline Dream - Hazy double IPA
  • Evil Twin: Buzzin' - Hazy double dry-hopped pale ale with honey
  • Evil Twin: New York Hop Project - West Coast style IPA with NY grown Cascade, high-thiol Cascade and Cascade Lupulin
  • Evil Twin: Everyone Has to Bloom Sometime - Hazy IPA double dry-hopped with Citra, Motueka and Simcoe


  • Evil Twin: Blueberry French Toast Bagel - Sour ale with blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, maple and French toast bagels
  • Evil Twin: Continental Breakfast Sour - Sour ale with Ethipoean coffee, raspberry, cranberry and yogurt powder
  • Evil Twin: ET Stay Home 1: Spring has Sprung Edition - Sour IPA with raspberry, blueberry and blueberry tea
  • Evil Twin: ET Stay(ed) Home 12 - Sour ale with raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, sweet cherry and sour cherry
  • Evil Twin: Even More Hydra - Sour ale with blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, cacao nibs and marshmallow


  • Evil Twin: Botte-Botte - Oak aged Italian style Pilsner
  • Evil Twin: Greenhouse - Czech style dark lager aged in American oak foeders
  • Evil Twin: Cookies and Cream Ale - Cream ale with real cookie dough bits



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