Current Faves From Hop City Wine Buyers Katie and Steve

Jul 28, 2023

We're tapping the shoulders of our expert wine buyers at Hop City this week to recommend a few of their current favorite bottles and why they love them so...

From Steve Jackson, wine buyer at our Krog location…

Chandra Kurt “Glou Glou” Chasselas - $29.99; available at Krog
"Swiss wines typically fly well under the radar, in large part because they just don’t export much of it, but more are starting to find their way to the US. The white grape Chasselas is the current star and Chandra Kurt’s version is perfect for this time of year: Vibrant and racy, with citrus, green apple and crisp pear flavors and a hint of effervescence. It's incredibly easy drinking."

Broc Cellars “Sogi” - $34.99; available at Krog
"Few grapes are as obscure as Cabernet Pfeffer, which makes up 85% of this medium-bodied, juicy and chillable red. Fewer than 20 acres of vines exist in California. Sogi is hugely aromatic, with scents of sandalwood and incense. The flavors bring in elements of white wines, like pear and apple, with tart red fruit. There’s a bit of black pepper in the finish, creating a lively red wine that’s bright, refreshing and completely unlike anything else you’ve ever had."

Jolie-Laide California Red - $37.99; available at Krog & West End
"Light, chillable reds with complex fruit and herbal character are a staple of my summertime drinking. This bottle is a blend of several mostly French red varieties known for creating fruity, herbal, light wines packed with flavor. It may be my favorite wine this summer! Flavors of candied plums, blueberries, raspberries and a complex blend of spices echo the flavors of Moroccan food."


From Katie DeCantillon, wine buyer at our West End & Fayetteville locations…

Sergio Drago Macerato - $31.99; available at West End
"A lot of times I pick a wine based on a desired vibe. This Sicilian skin-contact Catarratto will transport you to a beautiful patio overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The juice is incredibly aromatic with big hits of honeysuckle and fresh squeezed orange juice. The palate follows through with iced sun tea, orange zest, a little apple, and some almond."

Bodegas Margon Primeur - 19.99; available at West End
"I love Spanish wines and trying new things, so this bottle was a joy to find. The wine is made from Prieto Picudo, a rare and indigenous grape from the Leon region of northwestern Spain. It drinks similarly to a Tempranillo without the extra woodiness. It’s fresh and bright with notes of cherry, dried figs, and a little spice."

Mas de Janiny C’est bien comme ça! - $16.99; available at West End & Krog
"This blend of Syrah and Carignan (two of my favorite grapes!) is made with a philosophy of simplicity. Simplicity in farming, wine-making, and wine-drinking. A delicious table red that’s easy drinking and great with food. It has notes of dark fruits like cassis and a pleasant spiced quality with flavors of rosemary and black pepper."

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