Meet the winemaker from Can Sumoi!

Sep 29, 2023

This week we're super excited to feature three beautiful Spanish wines from Can Sumoi. Additionally, we have an amazing opportunity to "meet the winemaker" at our West End Location on Thursday, October 5th from 6:00 - 7:30 pm! The event will feature a tasting of Can Sumoi wines, a chance to learn about their rich history and production from the winemaker himself, Arnau Vivo, PLUS an expertly paired small plate crafted by Chef Meg of Boxcar/Barleygarden restaurants. Delicious wines, delectable food and dynamic company - only $25 for this elevated tasting event!


Can Sumoi is a side project of Pepe Raventós, whose family has a long history in the Catalan region dating back to the 1400s. Can Sumoi's passion is to take grapes typically used in Spanish Cava and showcase them in a single varietal style. These wines, three of which are highlighted below, offer a wonderful opportunity to explore and become acquainted with unique grape varieties.

Can Sumoi Ancestral is a staff fave at Hop City. We love Champagne alternatives, and this ancestral method wine made from 100% Montenega is a really nice alternative. The sparkling Pet-Nat is more bone-dry than you may be used to, as traditional Cavas tend to run a little sweeter. You’ll get a very floral and bright nose, which leans into notes of granny smith apple and lemon zest, with a beautiful yeasty, fresh-baked bread finish. This wine is an incredible apértif, boasting a laser-focused and pristine character that serves as the ideal palate cleanser, all while preserving its exceptional flavor and quality.
Available at Krog & West End

Never heard of Xarel-Lo? It’s a unique white grape variety indigenous to Catalan and valued for it's role in providing acidity and structure. This wine is bright, expressive, and electrifying and is a great option if you feel ready to try something new from your usual Sauvignon Blanc or Chablis. Can Sumoi's Xarel-Lo will transport you to the ocean with its saline and herbaceous qualities. It pairs perfectly with any Mediterranean dish, and is sure to impress both wine connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike. Available at Krog & West End


A complex, classic Spanish red, this wine is a 50-50 blend of Sumoll, the Mediterranean Pinot Noir, and Garnatxa, or Grenache. Both of these native grapes come together to create a perfect medium-bodied, approachable red. Despite your typical expectation of red wines being rich and heavy, this wine is the ultimate exception, defying convention by offering a light and incredibly refreshing experience. You'll find vibrant notes of red fruit, including red plums and cranberries, along with a floral touch reminiscent of candied violets. This wine is perfect year round, offering the intensity and complexity to make you return to it time and time again.
Available at West End and arriving to Krog on 10/2

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