Cold Weather Calls for Rich, Delicious Imperial Stouts

Nov 09, 2023

It's finally cold outside, time to drink some big, decadent stouts! Yes, we are firm believers that it is ALWAYS stout season. Buuut when the weather finally dips down into freezing territory, and the nights start to get short, and the fireplace becomes the gathering place, we tend to reach for the dark stuff even more.


With that in mind, here are some of our favorite big, delectable, bombastic imperial stouts on the shelf right now. Share them with a friend, sip them slow by the fire, or imbibe however you do.

Stone, Xocoveza
A longtime fan favorite from Stone, this Mexican hot chocolate inspired imperial stout began as a contest winning homebrew recipe, and has been requested again, and again, and again. Cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and a touch of spicy pepper all play nicely and make this remarkably approachable and pleasant.

Westbrook, The Night Before
Is it spooky? Is it Christmas-y? Why not both! The darkness is strong with this one, but the holiday spice keeps it in a warm, happy place. Think gingerbread cookies dipped in chocolate, and you've got the right idea.

Evil Twin NYC, Freezer Fresh Sundae Rocky Road
The New York City Evil Twin headquarters has been sending us absolutely stellar stuff for awhile now, and this boozy melted ice cream in a can is no exception. There is no lack of heft and viscosity, and the sweetness is there to match. This tastes like what drips down the back of your hand when you're nursing a cone of Rocky Road.

Monday Night, Stranger Danger
This stranger bites deceptively hard considering its friendly peanut butter cup appearance. The bourbon barrel-aging crowds out some of the expected sweetness, and the booze has real teeth, in a fantastic way. This is more bourbon and stave than confection and peanut butter. A through and through adult treat.





  • Good People: Snake Handler - Legendary double IPA
  • Bell's: Hopslam - Double IPA with honey
  • Sun Lab: Savage Vibes - Hazy IPA with Citra, Centennial and Galaxy
  • Parish: Actias Luna - Hazy double IPA double dry-hopped with Strata
  • Singin' River: Leo's Roar - American IPA


  • La Chouffe: N'ice - Belgian dark strong ale with spices
  • Delirium: Noel - Belgian dark strong ale
  • St. Bernardus: Christmas - Belgian quadruple dark strong ale
  • Straight To Ale: Blood Brother - Belgian style dubbel ale with blood orange added


  • Edmunds Oast: Sour Cranberry - American sour ale with cranberry
  • Westbrook: Apple Pie Gose - Sour ale brewed with apples, cinnamon, vanilla and milk sugar
  • Sun Lab: High On Your Love - American sour ale with passion fruit, guava and coconut
  • Trim Tab: Holiday Now! - Cranberry spice Berliner weisse
  • Hi-Wire: MaiTai - Fruit beer with lime, orange, almonds and lactose sugar
  • Straight To Ale: Pompatus of Love - Imperial sour ale with pomegranate, raspberry, blackberry and vanilla


  • Prairie: Christmas Bomb! - Imperial stout with spices
  • Prairie: Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb! - Imperial stout with spices aged in bourbon barrels
  • Abita: Christmas - Special dark ale with spices
  • Abita: Fluffernutter - White stout with milk sugar, vanilla and peanut flavor
  • Westbrook: The Night Before - Gingerbread imperial stout
  • Stone: Xocoveza - Imperial stout inspired by Mexican hot chocolate with chocolate, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla and cinnamon
  • Hi-Wire: 10W-40 Mexican Hot Chocolate - Imperial stout with chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, pasilla and carolina reaper peppers
  • Kentucky: Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter - Bourbon barrel-aged porter with cocoa

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