Forget Last Minute Shopping: Give the Gift of Beer!

Dec 21, 2023

Don't worry, we're behind on our Christmas shopping too. We've got your back with the BEST bottles to gift.

Whether you live for the season, or you're a chronic procrastinator, sometimes you find yourself scrambling for last minute Christmas gifts as the big day approaches. We're here to make things easy for you!

We of course have over a thousand unique beers in the store, which can be overwhelming, especially if you're buying for someone whose tastes you are unsure of. Jake has narrowed down his four favorite bottles for gifting, things that are sure to please anyone, from the most hard-to-impress beer nerd, to someone who is just dipping their toes into the world of exciting beer.

Maine Beer Company, Lunch $8.99
While this beer has become more and more ubiquitous, its demand has always outpaced its supply, and these sleek white-labeled bottles still go out of stock regularly. We've got plenty of this nearly perfect IPA currently, and it's balance between delicate malt and gorgeous hops is as appealing as ever. Hint: it fits great in a stocking.

Wicked Weed, Golden Angel $22.99
The bright color shining through the clear bottle, and the bright fruit shining through the intensely sour funk of this barrel-aged brew is enticing to all of the senses, and while it may seem a bit out there, this kind of thing can be a great intro to those less initiated to beer this intricate.

Goose Island, Bourbon County Brand Stout: Backyard $23.99
The name recognition alone on this one will win you brownie points with just about any beer lover. Bourbon County is Goose Islands yearly bourbon barrel-aged stout release that has reached mythical status in its execution and its release. It's fair to say that Goose Island cemented the coveted position of barrel-aged stout in beer culture today, and these beers consistently illustrate why. This years "Backyard" variant has a burst of dry but bright fruits of the darker shade, including boysenberry, marionberry and mulberry.

Birra Baladin, Xyauyu Fume 2016  $59.99
This one is probably NOT for beginners. This Italian specialty wood aged beer is intentionally degassed and intentionally oxidized, and aged for several years in Scottish Whiskey barrels, imparting a smokey, peaty flavor. Immense malty flavors that have been concentrated and warped over time give huge hits of dark sweet bread and caramel, with a rich nuttiness and intense raisinated sweetness. The barrel layers on a strong barbecue/ jerky smokiness, leading the savory richness to arm-wrestle with the concentrated malty sweetness, and then everyone wins for having drank it. This is one for the malt-heads and barrel-nerds.


Aslin: Velocirabbit
- Moderate ABV hazy IPA
Aslin: Man-Eating Toaster - IPA with cinnamon and vanilla
Yazoo: Bullseye IPA - IPA with Kohia Nelson, El Dorado and HBC 1019
Bell's: Hopslam
- Double IPA with honey

Wicked Weed: Red Angel - Barrel aged sour ale with raspberries
Wicked Weed: Golden Angel - Barrel aged sour ale with apricots
Wicked Weed: White Angel - Barrel aged sour ale with white Scuppernong grapes, lychee, white peach and pear
Wicked Weed: Cerise Morte - Barrel aged sour ale fermented with cherries
Wicked Weed: Anarasa Morte - Barrel aged sour ale fermented with pineapple
Wicked Weed: Framboos Morte - Barrel aged sour ale fermented with raspberries
Wicked Weed: Mirtelo Morte - Barrel aged sour ale fermented with blueberries

Goose Island: Bourbon County Brand Stout, Backyard - Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with boysenberry, mulberry and marionberry

Trim Tab: A Father's Love
- Hazy wheat ale with hints of orange and citrus
Sazon: Tepache - Pineapple wine with cinnamon
Atomic Dog: Original - Apple cider
Atomic Dog: Peach - Apple cider with peach
Atomic Dog: Pear - Apple cider with pear
Atomic Dog: Dry Hopped - Dry-hopped apple cider
Atomic Dog: Fireside - Spiced apple cider

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