Fun treats to share with your sweetheart

Feb 02, 2023

As a beer nerd, it can be easy to get caught up in particulars, or to overthink the context, or to put to much thought into what you are drinking. I'm here to say that if we aren't having fun with the beer we drink, we have lost sight of what we're doing. Sometimes nostalgia and a beverage that simply tastes great are more than enough, without having to get caught up with modern hop products, age statements, cask-sourcing, or advanced fermentation wizardry.

Beer should be fun, and beer should be shared. And what better time to share a fun, confectionery treat than on Valentines day? Well, we've got just the stuff!

Prairie Patches Treat

Prairie has an impressive track record with approximating our favorite sweet treats, especially candy. Tiny Esses, their take on Skittles, was one of our absolute favorite beers from last year, and judging by how much we sold, y'all loved it too. They've given the same treatment to Sour Patch Kids this time, and friends, they've done it again. Tastes like a mouthful of the sour little guys.

Trim Tab Peanut Butter Cups

Hmmm, I wonder what type of peanut butter cups they're trying to imitate here... A silky smooth and chocolatey stout base got stuffed with a decedent dose of peanut butter, and the results will satisfy even the most ardent Reese's lover.


B Nektar Key Lime Cream Delight

In retrospect it makes sense that the slightly sweet, floral and bright base of mead would make perfect sense when recreating key lime pie. Hefty key lime flavor gets wrapped in pie creaminess by the vanilla additions, and the body is kept moderate. This is an approachable and insanely drinkable beverage absolutely packed with flavor.






  • Good People: Snake Handler - Legendary double IPA
  • Trim Tab: 006 - Fan favorite hazy double IPA


  • Crooked Stave: Later Gator - Imperial stout aged for two years in a blend of Willet, Russel Reserve, Buffalo Trace and maple barrels
  • Crooked Stave: Hazelnut Macchiato - Stout with hazelnut coffee
  • Crooked Stave: Scoville - Imperial stout with scotch bonnett peppers, cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Crooked Stave: Beast & Barley - American barleywine
  • Back Forty: PBP - Imperial porter with peanut butter
  • Cahaba: Irish Stout - Irish style stout
  • Founders: KBS Chocolate Cherry - Imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels with chocolate and cherry
  • Duclaw: Sweet Baby Banana! - Chocolate peanut butter banana porter


  • B Nektar: #DragonsAreReal - Chocolate cherry chipotle mead aged in New Holland Dragon's Milk barrels
  • B Nektar: Apple Pi - Apple mead with spices

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