Hot weather calls for lager, and we've got the goods

Apr 20, 2023

It's no secret that lager has made a comeback in a huge way among craft beer makers and drinkers, and to say the space is competitive right now would be an understatement. Especially through the warmer months that we have just stepped firmly into, people are drinking huge volumes of lager, and just about every craft brewery is making moves to get in on the game.

Some producers have been doing it a long time, "before it was cool." Some hit the ground running with new equipment and a new mentality and have proven themselves once again. Regardless, these four breweries are making impressive, delicious and beautiful lagers, and they deserve your attention.

Jack's Abby Post Shift

Definitely file these guys under, "been doing it since before it was cool." Jack's Abby has been fiercely dedicated to lager since they opened in 2011, during a time when crazy bitter IPA's had a stranglehold on craft beer. This dependable Bavarian style Pilsner is everything you need it to be: pleasantly aromatic, very crisp and refreshing, with a touch of unsalted Ritz cracker.

O.E.C. Helles

We love these hyper-traditionalists from Connecticut, and this German style Helles lager is a great example of what they are capable of. It pours a gorgeous straw-gold color with a perfectly fluffy cloud of white foam, and the lightly floral aroma and bright, understated hop character scream springtime.

Aslin Esperante

While these folks from Virginia aren't exactly known for their lagers, they sure executed this modern twist on an old standby impressively. Mexican style lager has become fairly ubiquitous and is frankly hard to mess up, but this clean, warm take on the style is deftly elevated with a masterful touch of Mosaic hops. So bright, so aromatic, so crushable.

Evil Twin Greenhouse

Evil Twin has particularly been known for just about everything BUT lagers for over a decade, but ever since the new Brooklyn brewery opened up, they have bet big on their lager program, sparing no expense on dedicated lager equipment and processes. This Czech style dark lager was conditioned in oak foeders and is damn near flawless in its execution. Endlessly pristine foam holds, and holds. The body is silky, the mild flavor of fancy Milano cookies is sharp and focused but gives way elegantly on the finish. Don't miss this one.




  • Straight To Ale: Rikki Tikki - Mango infused double IPA
  • Crooked Stave: West Coast IPA - West Coast style IPA with modern experimental hops


  • Chandeleur: Beet Bum - Sour ale with beets, lemon and apple
  • Duclaw: Sour Me America - Rocket Pop sour ale with tart cherry, raspberry and lime
  • Prairie: Watermelon Girlfriend - Sour ale with watermelon, sea salt, orange, lemon and lime


  • Crooked Stave: Strawberry Fields - Blonde ale with strawberry
  • Straight To Ale: Honeysuckle Blue - American wheat ale with blueberry
  • Sierra Nevada: Summerfest - Refreshing summer lager


  • B. Nektar: Agave Lime - Agave mead with lime juice and natural flavors
  • B. Nektar: Tropical Cream Delight - Mead with natural tropical and vanilla flavors
  • B. Nektar: Yacht Rock - Mango mead with pineapple juice and passionfruit


  • Prairie: Stuf't - Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla, cacao nibs and Oreos



  • Thursday, April 20th: Porky's Pride, 5 - 8 PM
  • Friday, April 21st: Rickshaw, 4 - 7 PM
  • Saturday, April 22nd: Porky's Pride, 11 AM - 5 PM
  • Sunday, April 23rd: Offbeat Catering, 1 - 5 PM
  • Tuesday, April 25th: The Craft Burger, 4 - 8 PM

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