Westbrook Is Once Again Proving They Are Good At Everything

Apr 13, 2023

It's wild how many different ways Westbrook can make excellent beer. If you've been drinking craft beer in the Southeast for any amount of time, you've almost certainly had at least one beer from Westbrook, and you've likely had at least a few. They have been at the forefront of creativity and quality for over a decade, and they do just about everything really well.

The craziest thing is they just keep evolving and getting better. They continue to excel in all the ways we expect them too, but they keep pulling left turns and adding to their humongous bag of tricks. They can't seem to sit still and it keeps becoming more evident that they're just really good at everything.

Check out the latest from our friends at Westbrook.

A brand new addition to Westbrook's year round line-up, Waves is a perfectly tropical and juicy hazy IPA with Citra, Galaxy and Simcoe hops. So smooth, so luscious.

Pineapple Shake
Pineapple, milk sugar and vanilla take this creamy and decadent hazy IPA directly into nostalgic diner milkshake territory.

The latest entry in the Low and Slow lagering series, this German style Pilsner is meticulously traditional. Crisp, bright, and extremely drinkable.

Consisting of 65% fresh lager and 35% foudre-aged sour beer, this biere de coupage was conditioned on pear, apple and kiwi, and the results are absolutely delightful. It's gentle yet immensely flavorful, fruity and funky but not quite tart. What a treat.

Rice Crispy Boi
This crispy boy got the dessert treatment, but stayed true to his crispy self too. A pleasant, playful and unmistakable aroma of Rice Crispy treats hops out of the glass, but on the swallow it finishes surprisingly dry and clean.

Adjuct Assault II
Westbrook is no stranger to pummeling us with huge beers and huge flavors, and the onslaught here shows no mercy. Cinnamon, hazelnut and coffee are magnified by a humongous body and 13% ABV, and it is brutalizing in the best way. Rock on.


  • New Belgium: 1985 - Hazy Voodoo Ranger IPA with mango
  • Westbrook: Waves - Hazy IPA with Citra, Galaxy and Simcoe
  • Westbrook: Pineapple Shake - Milkshake style IPA with pineapple, lactose and vanilla


  • Yazoo: Foeder Fruits - Foeder aged sour ale with pomegranate and cranberry
  • Yazoo: Open - Dark wheat ale open top fermented with a local Nashville isolated yeast strain, aged in Syrah barrels for over a year
  • Yazoo: Foudre Noire - Dark strong ale fermented with a blend of Belgian, Norwegian, and local Nashville yeasts, aged in a French oak foudre
  • Yazoo/ Jester King: Elm & Fitzhugh - Dry-hopped farmhouse ale fermented with a combination of Yazoo and Jester King house & local cultures, with herbs from the Jester King farmland
  • Yazoo: Zure Bruine - Wild sour brown ale inspired by Oud Bruin, aged in select red win barrels
  • Edmunds Oast: Sour Blueberry Lime - American sour ale
  • Yellowhammer: Sunliner - Passion fruit and guava gose


  • Jack's Abby: Blood Orange Wheat - Radler with blood orange
  • Jack's Abby: House Lager - Helles lager
  • Jack's Abby: Post Shift - Bavarian style Pilsner


  • B. Nektar: Agave Lime - Agave mead with lime juice and natural flavors
  • B. Nektar: Tropical Cream Delight - Mead with natural tropical and vanilla flavors
  • B. Nektar: Yacht Rock - Mango mead with pineapple juice and passionfruit


  • Thursday, April 13th: Porky's Pride, 5 - 8 PM
  • Friday, April 14th: Offbeat Catering, 5 - 8 PM
  • Saturday, April 15th: Corazon, 11 AM - 3 PM
  • Sunday, April 16th: Offbeat Catering, 1 - 5 PM
  • Tuesday, April 18th: The Craft Burger, 4 - 8 PM
  • Wednesday, April 19th: Stumpy's BBQ, 4 - 8 PM

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