The Anniversary Party is HERE!

Sep 28, 2023

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Hop City's 11th Anniversary Celebration is on Sunday, and if you aren't already excited, GET EXCITED!

Y'all, it is that time! We could not be more excited to host another Anniversary Celebration for all of you! If you have never been to one of our huge throwdown parties, make your plans for Sunday now, because we swear, you DO NOT want to miss it.

Annie, Ralph, and the whole team have been tirelessly building the most insane tap list we have ever had, and we truly mean that. All 66 of our taps will be boasting something truly special: collaboration beers we helped brew, specialty one-off beers our friends from all over the state and the country have sent us, kegs that Annie has been aging just for this event, and some things you truly will not see anywhere else. Trust us, we've got some tricks up our sleeve.

We'll also have all of our FAVORITE food trucks right outside, along with games, music, a silent auction benefiting Magic City Wellness Center, exclusive package items available to take home and more! We truly do this as our way of saying, "Thank you," to all of you!

For the next few days rolling up to the party, you'll start to see some of these extremely special beers start popping up on our tap-list as preview to Sunday's action. Here's what is on the board already, right now!

  • 2019 Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout; Bourbon barrel-aged stout with pecans, wheat and rye
  • Yellowhammer Barrel-aged Wee Heavy; Bourbon barrel-aged Scotch ale
  • Bearded Iris Chief of Chiefs; Double dry-hopped double New England IPA with Citra Mosaic and Simcoe
  • B Nektar Shadow Thicket; strong mead with wildflower honey, Raspberry and Black Currant
  • Westbrook Mexican Coffee Cake; Imperial stout with chilis, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa nibs and coffee
  • Yellowhammer/Hop City/ Son Of A Butcher, Butcher City; German style Doppelbock





  • Good People: Snake Handler - Legendary double IPA
  • Aslin: Grovestand - IPA brewed with oranges (Hop City exclusive!)
  • Aslin: Unicorn Vomit - Triple IPA with watermelon (Hop City exclusive!)


  • OEC: Boudelet Blanche - Pre-World War I Belgian-style Witbier
  • OEC: Kashmir - Pale lager with Kashmir hops
  • OEC: Roggenbier - Rye lager
  • Straight To Ale: Alma Mater - American lager


  • OEC: Clavis Purpura - Spontaneous ale with blueberries and tea matured in oak barrels (Hop City exclusive!)
  • Prairie: Vanilla Berry Squeeze - Sour ale with vanilla, blueberry raspberry and graham cracker natural flavor
  • Prairie: Rhinestone Rancher - Green apple Jolly Rancher sour
  • Prairie: Seasick Crocodile - Sour ale with cranberry, cinnamon and other spices
  • Aslin: Apizza! - Sour ale with watermelon, raspberry, blackberry, mint, toasted coconut and milk sugar (Hop City exclusive!)
  • Aslin: Totally Cannon - Sour ale with raspberry, hazelnut and chocolate (Hop City exclusive!)


  • Iqhilika: Imundulu - South African spiced mead with molasses, cinnamon, coriander, cochi black pepper and turmeric
  • Iqhilika: Tokoloshe - South African spiced mead with molasses, Cape Naartjie peels and clove
  • Iqhilika: Inkanyamba - South African spiced mead with molasses, cardamom and Eliachi
  • B Nektar: His Royal Dudeness - Barrel-aged apple honey wine with tea and spices
  • B Nektar: Ow! My Mangoes! - Mango mead with natural flavors, habanero peppers and mango
  • B Nektar: Laid Back - Honey wine with pineapple and grapefruit, aged in gin barrels (Hop City exclusive!)
  • B Nektar: Hopped Pineapple Passionfruit Cyser - Pineapple passionfruit apple honey wine with hops (Hop City exclusive!)
  • B Nektar: BA Pineapple Melomel - Pineapple honey wine aged in tequila barrels (Hop City exclusive!)
  • B Nektar: Wildflower Star Thistle Bochet - Caramelized mead aged in barrels (Hop City exclusive!)
  • B Nektar: Blackberry Black Currant Melomel - Blackberry black currant mead (Hop City exclusive!)

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